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Unifox M10 Android 2.2 Install guide (中文版)


-M10 Tablet PC
-USB flash Memory or micro SD card or USB card reader with memory card or USB CD rom( Please make sure the memory stick have 500 mb disk space, in FAT32 file format)
card icon
-USB Keyboard

-Android ISO(We will send the download address to our client which already registered the warranty by email, if you haven’t receive our update, please contact us)
-Import Tools for ISO file(write the iso file into the usb memory or SD card
-If the Windows OS on the Tablet cannot run properly, you need to find another PC for the ISO to USB write Operation

Step 1 download the software
Please check your mail box for the android 2.2 ISO file download.
ISO to USB operation tools http://www.unifoxhk.com/hardware/download/unetbootin-_linux_to_USB.exe

Step 2
-insert the USB memory or MICRO SD into the tablet PC, make sure it is writable and have 500(or above) mb space,
card size

-Start the program unetbootin-_linux_to_USB.exe

-Click the program as picture show
1. Select the diskimage.
2. Select the iso file position.
3. Select the install USB memory card
4. Confirm to write

Step 3
- Connect USB Keyboard properly

- Switch on the computer, press the F11 when the UNIFOX logo appear.

- A boot up menu pop up , please select the USB boot device.Press ENTER to start install

- Select the item menu 5, install the OS into the hard drive

- Select the first partition of the SSD hardisk, process to format.

-select ext3 for a better, for other format, we cannot guarantee the result.
ext3 screen

-press OK to format the SSD hardisk, if you do not perform format hardisk, we cannot guarantee the result.

- install the grub, select SKIP to keep the current boot menu, select yes to install a new boot up menu.

If you want to get back the boot up menu as before, please contact our maintain department, we will provide install services free of charge.
-Finish install, reboot the machine.


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