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About us

Unifox Limited established in 2009. The brand is continuously pursuing for creativity and quality in software development, computer production and chosen of materials. In 2010 Unifox released the first PC tablet which contain Android and Windows system. The aim of Unifox is to develop and innovate more unique and high technology products to satisfy the quality-oriented customer.

Why choose us



Unifox is a veteran graphic design and programming company which is innovative and creates unique graphic designs and apps depending on client requirements. The company has an impeccable record providing superb quality graphic design outsourcing services and some fantastic projects completed under their belt. We customize our services to each customer’s unique requirements.  If a customer needs help in an area that isn’t in one of our core service areas, we provide a total IT solution to address all issues.

Benefits of Our Graphics Design Services are

In addition, we offer comprehensive services across the IT spectrum and will always match this to your overall IT strategy. Whether you require fully managed IT services or just occasional computer support, our consultants will work with you to ensure your systems are always running at their best. And because we tailor our services to exactly fit your business, you will only ever pay for what you need. Send email us on and we will contact you soon.