Mobile applications (iOS / Android / Windows mobile)



Shopping cart apps

Turn your e-commerce store into an mobile-commerce app. Offer your products on a range of mobile devices. Clients can make an order via mobile directly.



Convert your catalogue, annual report, user manual, or even a photo album into a digital book to let your clients download.



Catalogue apps & push notifications

Product catalogue with including photos and description in mobile devices. With push notifications to let clients know any update news or promotion.


Game apps

Our team can help you to develop the most innovative game in iOS or Android based on your requirement.







Marketing services and others




Social Online Marketing

This requires the use of Social Networking sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, Weibo, Forum (eg, Uwants) or YouTube to add/edit content for others to be able to access. Our team can help you from design to implementation on the social online marketing strategy.




Intergrated Solution Service

We provides complex services in the area of integrated solutions, where mobile, web or even facebook applications harmonise together and are fully functional.


Forum seeding

We provide pre-WOM analysis, on-going seeding and post-WOM report. Please contact our consultant for details.

Domain Hosting, SAP, Email server

There is more we can do for you, call our professional staffs for free consultation now.




If you have a software already and would like to seek for a compatible hardware, we can provide an onestop IT solution for your business. Please visit our hardware page.

Website and advertising banner




HTML 5 website design with SEO

Taylor made and design website for each client. Client will receive monthly traffic report. With SEO enhancement, we submit the website to search engine as well as any new content. It increases the website traffic by search engine organic search. We also embed email subscription and RSS feature.




We can build a customize (CMS) content management system so that content can be easily updated by the end-user. It is particular good for a business that is dynamic and need to update the information fast.


Web advertising banner

Put online advertising on apps or famous website to promote your company. We can design and match the banner style as you want.

YouTube programming

With different video clip and storyboard of your products, we can set programming for actions.



eDM design and service

Client will receive 2 eDMs to choose from. We also provide eDM sending service which charge per email sent as well as providing database for sending.